Community Outreach

Douglas County Social Services provides community outreach to ensure that all eligible residents are receiving services. Regardless of where the services are provided, the same documentation and verifications are required.

Topaz Ranch Estates
Every Tuesday, the Topaz Ranch Estates (TRE) satellite office operates out of the TRE Community Center located at 3900 Carter Drive in TRE. Serving primarily those residents from the southern end of the county, a Case Worker is available between the hours of noon and 4:30 p.m. Walk-ins are welcomed and encouraged. Specific appointment times can be accommodated as needed and can be scheduled by contacting the main office.

Stateline Office
For those Douglas County residents in the Lake Tahoe area that are unable to come to the office in Gardnerville, appointments can be arranged at the Douglas County Administration Building at Kahle Drive and Highway 50. These appointments need to be arranged in advance in order to allow travel time and scheduling for the Case Worker.

Home Visits
When a resident is homebound and in need of Social Services assistance, a visit by a Case Worker can be scheduled to take place in the person's home.

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